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Connecting businesses with the right service providers.

Simplified Business Solutions represents businesses like yours that are searching for specific service providers. Our firm specializes in lowering the cost of all employee related expenses. Our goal is to customize a strategy specific to your needs and match you with the ideal experts. We research potential service providers, interview them, weed out the ones that are not right for you and simply present the right providers to you for a final decision.

We have over 100 service professionals ready to help you reach your business goals and we are constantly adding great talent to our pool of experts.

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Areas of Expertise

PEO Matching services

Professional Employer Organization Services (PEO) are the way many companies stabilize the cost of employee benefits, taxes, and workers compensation while getting the support they need for their payroll and HR departments. There are over 800 great companies offering PEO services and each company has their unique strengths, so the million dollar question is how do you find the right solution for your business without having to research every company, meet all the sales reps multiple times, gather all the documentation to get endless proposals and hear all the different sales pitches to ultimately have multiple companies trying to seal the deal? That’s where Simplified Business Solutions comes in. Businesses like yours come to us to streamline the process of finding the right providers.


Are you looking for Property and Casualty, Health Insurance or Supplemental Insurance? Perhaps you like what you have but are not happy with your latest renewal and wonder if there is any way to reduce your premium? Let's create a strategy to find the right solution for your business.

professional services

Finding the right professional is almost as complicated as finding the love of your life. Simplified Business Solutions is your business Cupid dedicated to helping you find the right professional services such as Fractional CFOs, Bookkeepers, Accountants, Attorneys, Bankers, etc.

attract and retain employees

Competing to find talent and retain your employees can be a little bit like the Wild West. This can be distracting and might effect your bottom line. Having the right support is essential and Simplified Business Solutions can help you find the right HR Technology, Recruiting Firm, or Fractional HR professionals to provide you with the support you need.

Full scope of employee related expenses

Let's face it. Having employees can be expensive but we couldn't make it happen with out them so some of those expenses are a must. Simplified Business Solutions can help you evaluate your current employee expenses to find out if there are better alternatives to help you reduce costs and run more efficiently.


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