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Simplified Business Solutions was born after noticing that companies have PEO, insurance, and professional service needs that could be easily met but are rarely addressed properly. Due to the time and effort needed to research all the different options in many cases business owners don't know the full scope of services available to them and either settle for providers who are not the best fit for their company out of convenience, or chose not to make any changes. Many business owners believe that no decision is better than a bad decision and are paralyzed by the fear of making a bad decision. Simplified Business Solutions removes that fear by conducting the proper due diligence based on your needs.



  1. Short introductory meeting
  2. Analysis
  3. After gathering proper information through the analysis our specialists analyse the information and craft specific plans for you.
  4. Implementation 


Ivan Pascual

CEO & Founder

Ivan Pascual

Ivan started his consulting career working for an Oracle partner company, then moved into the Payroll, HR and employee benefits world working for ADP, a startup company, and CoAdvantage.

Ivan studied at BYU-I where he met his beautiful wife Briana. Ivan's pride and joy is being the father of 3 kids; Alex is an active 7-year-old who likes to play sports, Emmett is 5 years old and is a tech junkie. Nellie is 1 year old and is Ivan's motivation to be successful in business since she has already discovered that her favorite toy is his wallet!

Some of Ivan's hobbies are kickboxing, traveling, and as a foodie his goal is to find the best burger in town.



Brigham Young University- Idaho

Bachelor of Sciencein Business Management, Marketing and Corporate Communications


Activities & Affiliations

• President of "Mid-Market Professionals in DFW"
• Guest speaker at local chambers of commerce
• Advocate of minority owned businesses