we conduct 2 types of research


1- industry research

Industry research analyzes KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) among local companies and shows them where they rank.

We have the goal to empower businesses through insightful, relevant & local information. 

Here are some important details about the industry research:

  • The research focuses on mid-size companies
  • We survey companies once per year
  • Research is industry specific
  • Participants maintain anonymity
  • Research led by a PHD professional

Cost is $200 per month to participate and have access to your company's rankings, or $700 per year to have access to the research without rankings.


2- Company research

This research is used by companies to check the health of their departments. After the analysis, companies will receive an action plan and estimated budget allocation.

Here are some important details about our individual department research:

  • $5,000 per department for 1-2 departments or $3,000 per department when analyzing 3 or more departments per company
  • 3 week turnaround time per department
  • Research led by fractional C-level executives

Departments we can analyze:

  • HR
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Operationns
  • Customer Service
  • Legal
  • Finance